OFFICIAL STATEMENT: Industry Leader Rick Najera Responds to Media


OFFICIAL STATEMENT: Industry Leader Rick Najera, Wife and Family Personally Respond: We are Heartbroken and Confounded by Deliberate and Cruel Defamations

LOS ANGELES (OCTOBER 27, 2017) Award-winning, creative and diversity advocate Rick Najera provided a statement on behalf of himself, and his devastated wife and family.

“We are heartbroken and confounded by deliberate and cruel defamations.  Anyone who has been slammed by libelous deceptions knows exactly how we feel. As a family, we are hurt and shocked. It’s unbelievable that a diversity program I directed and we supported for more than a decade would be twisted against me.

As we wrestle with our reactions to this attack, I want to remind people that I’ve spent my whole life not only making people laugh – but showcasing our shared humanity.  I have spoken publicly of my near-death experience and the pain and discrimination that, unfortunately, is a part of Hollywood. This is now the most painful and unjust situation I – and my family — have ever experienced.

Right now, we want to thank the people who are standing with us and the flood of calls and emails of support from those who know my character and who know the truth. We are strengthened by their friendship and love as we begin to right this wrong.”



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